Galvanizing screws

Galvanizing screws

Integrated since 1972, our galvanizing chain, with our zinc bath and spinning by centrifugation, is specially adapted to the bolts and all fasteners (Washers, Nuts, Stirrups, Anchor rods, Threaded rods, Studs, Screws …)

Galvanizing – Hot dip galvanizing screws

Hot dip galvanizing, or more precisely, “hot dip galvanization”, is a technique of the metallurgy industry that is used to reinforce a piece of steel with zinc. This process gives the protective coating adhesion, impermeability and mechanical strength. A piece treated by galvanizing is said to be galvanized.

What is the galvanizing process ?

Galvanizing corresponds to the practice of immersing iron or steel in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of 450 degrees Celsius. Hot dip is a layer of zinc that contains a metallurgical bond to the surface of the material, protecting iron and steel from corrosion in two ways:
• Zinc acts as a protective shield between steel and the atmosphere to prevent corrosion from attacking the base metal.
• Zinc, which oxidizes 25 times slower than steel, will act as a shield by protecting steel from unwanted atmospheric effects.


The advantages of galvanizing screws

Long-term cost reduction

Galvanizing is a steel protective finish and long-term you will save maintenance costs through the longevity of zinc protection.


The performance of the coating is reliable and relatively predictable.

Hardness of the plaster

A hot dip galvanizing layer has a unique metallurgical structure and offers outstanding resistance to mechanical damage that can occur during transport and service.

Automatic protection of damaged sections

The small damaged surfaces require no retouching because the zinc has self-repairing properties. The small scratches that expose the steel to the environment will be covered by zinc which self-dissolves and spreads naturally on the metal.

Complete protection

The entire surface of the hot-dip galvanized part is protected by zinc. No other protection applied to a structure or object can compete with the strength and durability of hot dip galvanizing. Its features are unique and provide complete protection.


Zinc and sustainable development

Zinc is naturally present in rocks, soil, water and air. It is essential to the health of humans, animals and crops and to the well-being of all. Zinc deficiency often results in poor yield and poor crop quality, while a lack of zinc in the diet is a serious problem affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Steel is commonly used in many areas, but without effective protection it rusts. Hot-dip galvanizing allows it to be permanently and economically protected against corrosion.


Galvanizing at VIAL

Hot-dip galvanizing is integrated on our site. Our capacity is 60 t per month. This technology is perfectly suited for bolts, anchors, fasteners and special parts.

The surface of the parts to be galvanized is carefully prepared before the following operations:
• Degreasing – rinsing to remove oils, greases, etc …
• Pickling in a solution of diluted hydrochloric acid with an inhibitor to prevent the attack of the steel, then rinsing. CAUTION: To avoid hydrogen embrittlement, all parts of class 10.9 and above must be degassed after pickling.
• Fluxing in a solution of zinc chloride and ammonium in order to prevent a reoxidation of the steel before immersion in the zinc and to favor the mixture Fer-Zinc.
• Drying and preheating of the pieces to homogenize the coating.
• Immersion in the zinc bath between 450 ° – 460 °. The durations are a function of the dimensions of the parts, their thickness, the chemical composition of the steel and the load of the baskets.
• Immediate spin by centrifugation.
• Water cooling. Coating thickness controls (on average 50 to 70 microns). Miscellaneous tests according to Customer’s specifications.

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Galvanizing screws
Galvanizing screws
Galvanizing screws

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