Custom Work

Custom Work

What is custom work?

This is the second part of our activity. Moreover, in parallel with our manufacturing activity, we offer our contract services for subcontracting / custom work for manufacturers, dealers, or even users of fasteners. It’s sort of a pay-per-view service.

We put at your disposal some of our integrated know-how to carry out only the operations that you do not master and/or that you do not need to do internally.

Clearly, you can ask us about certain operations in order to finish, process, or take back your coins.

You simply send us your raw or semi-finished parts with a purchase order and we take care of them. Then, we carry out the desired operations and then we send them back to you immediately.

• You can use our know-how to satisfy the specific requirements of your customers while keeping control of your products.
• You can take advantage of our responsiveness when you run out of time to meet your deadlines.

Custom Galvanizing

It is our flagship activity in custom work.
With our zinc bath and centrifugal spinning, we propose to galvanize your parts while preserving the precision of shapes and threads. From the small washer / screw of 8 to the stud of 2900 mm long, we have the know-how best adapted to coat the pieces with the specific shapes.

Rolling stock

We offer you our rolling know-how. So, we offer you the possibility of subcontracting this operation to give your parts a specific thread that will offer it strengthened mechanical properties.

Our rolling capacities range from diameter M5 to M80.

Custom Forging

Thanks to an automated matrix, we can give all the desired head shapes to your screws by the hot stamping process. Especially as this technique greatly improves the mechanical properties of the part.

So you can call upon us if you have requirements or specifications in terms of characteristics of your screw heads.

Custom work

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