Bending & welding special screws

canne ancrage galvanisée

Bending & welding special screws

Our know-how is also focused on the bending and welding of special screws.


Bending is used to make canes or anchor sticks, DQC (double pig tail)

Depending on customer plans, standards or requirements, the anchorages can have all possible geometric configurations.

When the parts require deformation, we use cold bending for diameters less than 48mm in mild steel, and hot bending for higher diameters, harder grades, special shapes or too tight bends.

In industrial bending, the bending is carried out cold using specialized machines. For so-called “hot” productions, it requires heating the material to obtain the deformation desired by the customer.


By mastering semi-automatic welding internally, we make pre-assembled anchors at your centers, we equip the rods of reservoir sleeves or solidarisons the backplates.

Welding of special crews

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