Forge special screws

Forge special screws

Forging on special screws is a metal deformation operation. Then, it is the solution which, allows a saving of metal, a fibering and an absence of incipient fracture. Adapted to fatigue constraints and standards, it enables economically viable production rates to be achieved. These advantages can be found in three processes :

Stamping, cold stamping and hot stamping.

Hot Forge

Long used to make all rivets, screws, nails … hot stamping has been supplanted in the standard range of diameter less than 30 mm by cold stamping which allows high rates. Therefore, it is distinguished from the other two processes by :
• Tight tolerances approaching coldstroke
• The vertical position of the slot, which makes the length an adjusting rib
• A tool that is often unique for roughing and finishing the form
• A relatively cheap tooling even for small quantities of complex parts
• Short assembly times for economically less than 500 parts and very short lead times
• The possibility to work all types of steel: S235, S355, 42CrMo4, 30CrNiMo6, 36NiCrMo16 …
• The ability to forge large diameter screws and blanks for various parts for millers.


Since 1920, VIAL has mastered the forging technique. Thus, we are constantly improving the heating, the precision of the tools and the quality of the products. Originally a riveting manufacturer, VIAL has focused on the production of mild steel bolts for frameworks and pylons. Then on the production of all types of special screws: head shape, dimensions close to or far from standards. On request or according to specifications.

A specific organization allows to deliver the small quantities (approximately 1 to 50 pieces) of quasi-standard screws treated or galvanized under short delays.

The integrated workshop for tooling ensures total control of tolerances and delays in the realization of sample (EI) or pre-production parts. 2000 hot forging tools for bolts and special screws, allowing us more than 3500 combinations and 700 fixtures per year.

Thermal treatment

The heat treatment can be carried out internally for small batches and subcontracted to recognized specialists, according to the requirements of ISO 898. On request or specific specifications, parts can be subjected to nitriding, carburizing , Quenching HF … to obtain superficial hardnesses.

Forge special screws
Forge special screws

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