Machining : CN turning & CNC milling

Machining what is it ?

Machining is a family of mechanical parts manufacturing techniques. The principle of machining is to remove material in such a way as to give the desired workpiece shape by means of a machine tool. By this technique, pieces of high precision are obtained.

When machining a workpiece, the removal of material is accomplished by the conjunction of two relative movements between the workpiece and the tool: the cutting movement (cutting speed) and the feed movement (speed d ‘advanced).

There are two ways of generating the desired surface: for work of form or for envelope work. In the case of shape work it is the shape of the cutting edge of the tool that conditions the surface obtained. In the case of envelope work, it is the conjunction of cutting and feed movements that defines the final surface.


In order to obtain tolerances that are less than the norm or for shapes that can not be forged, as well as for very small series, we can take the heads or the bodies of forged or unforced parts in milling.

Turning and rectification

Before rolling or following your technical specifications, we make a recovery on turn if the forms justify it (cone, spheres, grooves …)

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