Thread cutting & Thread rolling

Thread cutting

What is the comb-threading process? 

Screw threading is a technique for cutting metal in order to obtain a thread 

The advantages of threading:

The machine thread LANDIS offers the greatest flexibility in the shape of parts, in the variety of threads of ISO, UNF, UN, WHITWORTH, BSW … pitches and in dimensions from diameter 6 to diameter 150mm. 

The diversity of our machine park and our stock of tooling allows us a very great reactivity. 

VIAL can therefore offer you attractive costs on this type of service. 

Machines VIAL: 16 threads per comb from 6 to 150 mm without length limitation 

Thread rolling

What does the rolling process consist of?
Rolling is a technique of cold deformation of the material in order to make a thread.

The advantages of taxiing
• Material fibers are not broken or cut
• Removes break primers
• Save money
• Improves mechanical characteristics
• Improves fatigue strength and mechanical characteristics
• Gain on hardness and breaking strength

VIAL machine park: 6 Rollers diameter from 6 to 80 mm and about 200 sets of wheels

Here are some benefits:
• ISO, UNF, UN, WHITWORTH, BSW threads by machining and rolling
• Subassemblies, studs, pins, inserts, threaded rods, washers, plates, nuts and special parts according to drawing
• Diameters from 6 mm
• Length up to 6000 mm
• Very long tie rods

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